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FAQs about Medicare

Can I keep my doctor? 

In most cases, yes. We will do everything we can to find you a plan that your doctor will accept.

Aren't all plans the same? 

No. One Medicare Advantage plan compared to the next can be drastically different.

However, Medicare Supplement Plans with the same letter (even if they are different companies) will be the same. Usually cost is the only difference.

My friend (or brother, sister..) says just to buy Plan F. What do I need to talk to you? 

What is right for you friend, may not be the right plan for you. We often even find that husband and wives do not sign up for the same plan, due to different needs. Also, signing up for a Medicare Supplement Plan F, is only half the work. Since Medicare Supplements do not cover Prescription Drugs, you will need to find the right drug plan too. There is over 30 different Prescription Drug Plans in Florida, and the wrong one could cost you thousands.

What if it turns out I don't like the plan I pick. Will I ever be able to change?  

Yes, you will never be held captive to one plan. Ever year in the fall, is AEP (Annual Election Period), this is when you can change from one plan to another. As a service to our clients, we go over the changes to their plans, and make sure it will be the right plan for them in the coming year. And if its not, we shop for a new one again.

Medicare Questions Answered

What about Prescription Drugs? They're Covered, right?

Yes, and No.

If you buy a Medicare Supplement Policy, you will need to also buy a Prescription Drug Plan (Also known as a "Part D Plan"). Medicare Supplement plans (Not even Plan F) do not cover Prescriptions. The extra plans usually cost somewhere between $20-$40 a month. And then you will also have co-pays when you pick up your drugs at the pharmacy. There are a lot of variables when considering this. We ask you to give a few minutes of your time to discuss what coverage would be most appropriate for you.

With a Medicare Advantage plan however, the drug coverage is usually built right into the plan. These all-in-one plan will have all the coverage you need. It important when looking at these plan to not only consider whether or not your doctor accepts it, but also where your Prescription drugs are covered by the plan. 

Do I Have to pay you for your time/services? 

No. We get paid by the insurance company if you enroll in a plan through us. Much like a travel agent, it will not cost anymore if you buy through us. In fact, we can often save you money.

No obligations. No pressure. No Games. We just want the opportunity to earn your business.

Give us 5 minutes of your time. Call 352-217-1000

Don't like phones? Email us here. We Will not spam. But we do ask for you email address so we can help you

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